Eurail Global Pass

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Explore 23 countries in Europe with one Eurail pass
With the Eurail Global Pass you can see and do it all during your European adventure. Visit 23 countries throughout Europe, and see them in any order you like:


Eurail Select Pass

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Travel in 3, 4 or 5 European countries of your choice
The Eurail Select Pass gives you the most freedom and flexibility to plan your trip. When you pick your Select Pass, you choose from 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries and 5-15 travel days.

Eurail Regional Pass
With the Eurail Regional Pass you can combine 2 bordering countries for an exciting getaway. The pass offer the best value if you concentrate your European adventure within a specific region. Eurail Regional Pass is valid for 2 months, and you can select the specific number of days you want to travel during that 2-month period.

Eurail One Country Pass
The Eurail One Country Pass is the best choice if you want to spend your time exploring one country or area. Most passes are valid for 1 month. The passes for Italy, Spain and Romania are valid for 2 months. The number of travel days available varies per country.

Eurail countries and destinations

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Austria               Belgium       Bulgaria     Croatia                 Czech Republic    
Denmark            Finland        France        Germany              Greece        
Hungary             Ireland        Italy            Luxembourg         Montenegro    
Netherlands       Norway        Poland        Portugal               Romania    
Serbia                Slovakia       Slovenia      Spain                   Sweden